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Steyoyoke’s ‘Emmanuel’ EP has been lived and loved by several members of the family. The original, by Dizharmonia featuring vocals by Kled Moné, has been remixed by Soul Button as well as Clawz SG in this dauntingly harmonious EP. An instrumental of ‘Emmanuel’ is also featured, to give way for a full appreciation of the productive elements.

Dizharmonia’s original version of ‘Emmanuel’ is a tasteful collection of varying sounds, arranged in an immaculate manner which swallows listeners in. Kled Moné’s vocals add a a luscious texture to this ethereal track, making way for a space-like atmospheric vibe, transforming dance floors and lights into planets and stars.

Soul Button’s remix features an array of shakes and twists that add an extra groove in your step. The synthesized elements bring forth a playful rhythm, making Soul Button’s remix slightly bouncier in it’s intricacies. Soul Button manages to add those elements which make his production stand out, whilst remaining true to Dizharmonia’s original simultaneously.

Clawz SG takes on ‘Emmanuel’ in his own way; perhaps the most complex of all arrangements featured, Clawz SG truly makes this track his own. Using manipulations that seek to sharpen the peaks, and dig deeper into the lows, this melodic track organically displays both Dizharmonia’s and Clawz SG’s talents.

It is just to claim that ‘Emmanuel’ is a rarity in the sense that it is almost a perfectly accurate description of the Steyoyoke label – written with sounds instead of words. A strong EP featuring many members of the Steyoyoke family, ‘Emmanuel’ is a a reflection of the progress and love behind Steyoyoke.


released August 19, 2016

Steyoyoke Recordings


all rights reserved


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